Using Pod is simple.



When the Pod is passed to you during offering, you'll find that each side of the device corresponds to a different dollar amount. Choose which amount you want to give and swipe that side. Pro tip: You can swipe multiple sides to give different amounts.



After the service, the Pod is connected to our secure server to run the card transactions. Also, if the device's battery needs charged, you can plug it in so you're ready for the next service. That's it.

Pod is serious about security.

PCI-DSS Compliance

Our card-processing system adheres to PCI Data Security Standards that are regulated for anyone accepting card payments.

256-bit Encryption

We encrypt transactions at the point-of-swipe, and your data remains encrypted through the process of authorization.

No Data Storage

After authorization, Pod will never store your card number and we use transaction key authentication for ultimate security.

Giving Statements

Getting your statements at any time is easy. Just login accordingly below. If you haven't created an account and connected your card, signing up is easy.

Get Pod for your church.


Due to high demand, we are opening preorders for delivery in January 2018. Pods are $50 to purchase, we keep 3.5% of transactions for card processing costs, and there is a monthly fee of $20 per month per Pod.

Meet the Pod team.


Michael Yonke

Ben Royal

James Sharp

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