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The Top Three Most Requested Pod Features From Users and Churches

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Ben Royal

We listened to a lot of people to find out what both churches and users want.

After countless emails, meetings, phone calls, impromptu discussions after services, and even Facebook chats, here are the top three things our users and churches have requested.

Editable Donation Amounts

This was by far the most-requested feature. Well, we heard you, and we're making it happen.

Not all church congregations are the same, so the same donation amounts on all Pods doesn't quit make sense. Especially when churches are using Pods for special events outside the service, too. Here's how it works:

  1. First, your Pods have to be docked and charging. You don't want to change the amount while Betty swipes a Pod and suddenly her $25 donation turns into a $50 donation.
  2. On your Pod dashboard, you choose which Pods you want to update. You can change them all at once or individually.
  3. Enter the new amounts and save. You can enter amounts up to $999. You'd be surprised how many people want really high amount for special events by the way. Your dashboard will also suggest amounts based off your congregation's Pod giving history.
  4. Your Pods automatically update the amounts and you're done.
EMV Chip Card Technology

We previously used magnetic stripe transactions for Pod donations. When we started, not everyone had a chip card, and even if they did, it was still unfamiliar to insert your card instead of swipe it. However, now it almost seems weird to checkout at a grocery store and swipe your card instead of inserting it. So, we're changing, too. Donors can insert their card into one of the sides, and donations will still only take a single second to process. This will also give our transactions a higher grade of security, one of the most important things to us, the users, and the churches.

Realtime Processing

In the past, churches had to plug their Pods in after the service to process donations. Like with cords, yes. I know, it sounds awful, and it was. That's why we listened to the churches, and Pods will no longer needs any internet connection from the church, Wi-Fi or ethernet. Pods will now use a cellular connection. The main reason we switched was so that donations were processed immediately, but a cellular connections brings about a ton of benefits:

  1. Churches don't have to setup Pods. There's no connecting them to Wi-Fi or plugging in any cords. When you receive them, they are already connected and everything just works.
  2. Donations are processed instantaneously which means less chargebacks
  3. You can use Pods anywhere; it doesn't have to be within the boundaries of a Wi-Fi connection. Have a fish fry in the parking lot? No problem, let people pay for their raffle tickets with Pod.

So, now you know what the top three most requested Pod features are. If you want to check out all of our features, we list them all out here.

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